for The David Show:

“David Rutiezer has been entertaining our residents at Emerson House for several years. He is a fine singer and dancer, and he brings that special quality of being able to connect with our residents and make them feel at ease, which can be challenging with the senior population. He obviously loves what he does, and this always comes across in his performance. David Rutiezer would be a welcome addition to any activity calendar.”

Chris N., Life Enrichment Director, Emerson House

“You have found your calling.”

Susan K., Countryside Living

“It’s genuine. It’s not phony.”

A resident of a memory care community

“David Rutiezer entertained folks here today for our “National Kazoo Day” theme meal and was well-received by both members/residents and staff. He was a true pleasure and performed with a great variety of old standards that were fun, reflective and encouraging. Many folks talked about his show long after lunch and I will have him back in March for certain!”

Melyssa H., Activity Director, Terwilliger Plaza

“He’s a good man. He works hard. He puts on a good show for us every week.”

A resident of a memory care community

“Thank you for blessing us with your time and talents.”

Alice, activity director

“The only thing I didn’t like is that it had to end.”

A resident of a memory care community

for David’s International Folk Dance Program:

“The student at this school are impacted by poverty. Many of them have had few opportunities to explore other cultures or folklore on a first hand basis. This was a brand new experience for them.

     David is passionate about… cultures and folk dance. He is knowledgeable about the history, styles, movements and music used to accompany the dances. He exudes this when he is teaching. The students cannot help but be enthralled with this enthusiasm and first hand experience with this culture. He opened a door for them that they did not know existed.

    David taught several dances and the history of each dance. He carefully explained the purposes for which each dance was developed and broke down the steps so the students could easily follow his lead. He patiently explained cultural elements… and brought examples of different costumes for each dance. I felt the students learned much more than movements to music from him.

     A compliment to David is the students learned so much and eagerly attended his classes. After all, the music he played was strange to their ears and the dancing was not like anything they had seen before. He did a terrific job of sharing with kids.

     I highly recommend him.”

Patricia F., elementary school teacher, Beaverton, Oregon

“What a breath of fresh air you have brought to us this week. Our evening last night (performing International Folk Dances) was such a delight! …

     I have been known to be critical of others who come in and work with my kids.  I can say… nothing but positive things  about what you did here. First, you kept the attention of my 23 5-year-olds. That’s an accomplishment in itself. You were easy-going, fun and non-demanding. You did not demand perfection– you did encourage participation. You used good teaching skill of setting the stage, modeling the dance and guided practice. You treated staff and students with respect, remembering many names. Your smile and easy-going manners gained the trust and confidence of our kids. They enjoyed dancing with you. May God continue to bless you.”

September F., kindergarten teacher, Medford, Oregon

“I found David to be a very prepared teacher who related well with the children and taught them folk dancing at a comfortable pace. I remember being particularly impressed with the fact that by the end of the first class the children could perform a complete folk dance. David not only taught the steps involved in several dances, but took time to explain how certain dances came about. He was receptive to the children’s questions and invited them to share what knowledge they might have of folk dancing and culture surrounding it. He also shared his knowledge of the culture in ways that peaked the children’s interest, such as with stories, photos and traditional clothing.

     I feel that a program such as the one David taught… would be of interest to other children and would help to expose them to the beauty of folk dance and the cultural heritage surrounding it.”

Kathleen F., parent volunteer, Portland, Oregon

“I mostly folk dance, as I have for years. It is a valuable exercise mentally, socially, culturally and physically… I would like to see our students enjoying this wonderful experience as well… (David) is a fellow dancer and instructor whom I would highly recommend.”

Grace B., folk dancer, Canby, Oregon

“I was impressed with how wonderfully he explains what the dances are about, and how to express oneself in dance and music… I’m sure you will be as delighted with his program as the children, their parents and I were.”

Helen M., of blessed memory, folk dance friend, Portland, Oregon

for Reading the Holocaust:

Thank you for presenting Reading the Holocaust at our library last Saturday. The surveys were very positive, praising the selection of writings and the discussion. Nicely done!

Andy E., Wilsonville Library

…my wife, Julie… and I attended your Reading the Holocaust presentation at the Wilsonville Library the other day… We found the presentation to be very insightful and thought-provoking and I know the other attendees felt likewise… Thanks again for doing your presentation and we also appreciate the Wilsonville Library hosting it.

Ben and Julie C.

Thank you for taking the time to share your readings about the Holocaust today. 
Mitch B.