David Show & GoFundMe Fall 2021

October, 2021



Interview by Kathy Blaustein

February, 2021



Reading on River Road Reading Series

Jan. 31, 2021



David Show Fall 2020

Fall 2020



The Kid In Me (David Show for Kids!)

Fall 2020



Listen to the December First Writers on Transpositive on KBOO radio

Dec. 2020



The David Show

June 2020



December First Writers, Invocation, Oregon House of Representatives

February 12th, 2020



Listen to the December First Writers on Transpositive on KBOO radio

October 8th, 2019



Listen to my guest appearance on KBOO Radio Poetry & Everything with Judith Arcana

December 24th, 2018



David Rutiezer, The Kid In Me sampler CD


Click on the CD to listen: 



The David Show, Café Au Play

August 15th, 2014



Lambda Residency 2013

August 2013